7 Things to Know about Building a House in Willow Glen

7 Things to Know about Building a House in Willow Glen

The Willow Glen area is filled with opportunity and promise. This stunning walkable neighborhood has access to all the amenities you've dreamed of — bookstores, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques with incredible selections — that will have you regularly returning to see what each new season offers. The area also has a variety of gorgeous homes to choose from. However, if you haven't found what you need in the available market properties or want to build your dream home from the ground up, Willow Glen still has plenty of space.

Are you thinking about building your new home in Willow Glen? Before you begin, look at these key things our expert realtors recommend you know about the community and the home-building process.

Your custom home will fit right in

Willow Glen is definitely not a cookie-cutter community. You can design your home with all the amenities you're considering and all the benefits you're looking for, and your home will look great with the others in the neighborhood. You can find homes in Willow Glen in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're dreaming of a little two-bedroom home for your small family or you're imagining a larger home with its own garage, game room, exercise room, and more, Willow Glen has the perfect place for your new home.

There are a variety of styles and architecture types represented throughout the community, too, so if you can dream it, you can create it. New construction continues throughout Willow Glen regularly. Many people in the San Jose area love the idea of a smaller-town feel, including tree-lined streets, the convenience of everything you need in one location, and a deeper sense of community connection. As a result, Willow Glen continues to grow.

Willow Glen is a great place to call home

In Willow Glen, you'll find a beautiful, walkable community with access to everything you need. It has it all: gorgeous parks, from Lincoln Glen Park to Wallenberg Park; the perfect restaurant for everything from date night to a casual lunch out with your best friends; and plenty of boutiques and shopping opportunities to keep you busy and to explore. Furthermore, there are community events at all times of the year, making Willow Glen an excellent place to connect with the wider community and learn more about everything it offers.

If you need easy access to the greater San Jose area, Willow Glen is perfect for that, too. Whether you work in the city or need to be within easy reach of its more extensive shopping, hospitals, and amenities, you can quickly get there straight from Willow Glen. Light rail options and buses can carry you into San Jose, or you can take the ten-minute drive to the downtown area from your home.

Make sure you have the right permits before you start building

You'll need approval from the San Jose Building Division to build anywhere in the San Jose area. Obtaining a Single-Family House Permit will allow you to build your home and avoid costly penalties. Your contractor should inform you about the city and local regulations and what permits you need.

Work with a realtor to choose the ideal location for your home

Select the right property for your needs. Many things can go into choosing the location, including:

  • The size of the home you want to build, which will need to take local zoning regulations into account
  • The size of the lot which dictates the size of the home and allows you entertaining space.
  • The amenities you want to be closest to, including parks, shops, and more
  • Your school of choice
A real estate agent who knows the local area can provide crucial guidance about the right location for your new home and how to choose it.

Quality materials now can make a huge difference later

When you're choosing the critical elements of your new property, make sure you talk to your architect and your builder about using quality materials. Going with the cheapest estimate is often tempting, especially if the builder needs to clarify the specifics. However, high-quality materials can help your home stand the test of time, just like many historic homes throughout Willow Glen.

With homes priced up to $6 Million in Willow Glen, discerning buyers are looking for quality finishes should you need to sell your home down the line.

Make sure you clearly lay out your priorities

Whether you're building a home with your family in mind or only need to consider your own needs, make sure you lay out your priorities ahead of time. That can include things like:

  • Sticking to a specific budget. While you should always leave extra room in your budget for changes and unexpected challenges, you need to know how much you have to spend on your new home and create plans that fit those limitations.
  • Planning specific parts of the home. For example, if you are moving in with three kids, ensure everyone has their own bedroom! Likewise, some families find having three or more bathrooms very important, while others may prioritize having a separate living and family room.
  • Deciding what amenities you need. Some new home builders will prioritize the latest kitchen appliances, while others may focus on adding a swimming pool or game room.
  • Considering the size of your new home. For some homeowners, a large home is the top priority. You may need multiple bedrooms, an office, or a game room, or you may want to have space that you can utilize as the needs of your family change, including having the option for an in-law apartment.
  • Choosing decorative features. Does your dream home include a chef kitchen? Cathedral ceilings? A breakfast nook in the kitchen? 
By identifying your priorities ahead of time, you can design your dream home with your top desires at the forefront — and ensure that you don't miss out later.

Have a plan for how to utilize your space

As you build your home, carefully evaluate how you intend to use specific areas. Consider that in your plans if you know that you'll be using a particular room as an office but might turn it into a nursery or spare bedroom later.

Or, if you know from the beginning that your office will need to double as a spare bedroom, plan to allow extra square footage so there's room to fit both a bed and a desk comfortably. Do you plan to leave the basement unfinished for the time being? Thinking about how you may want to use that space in the future, whether for storage or as a family or game room, can make it easier to decide where to place walls to divide the space.

To design your space, work with a qualified Architect who matches your aesthetic and who is familiar with the city codes and permitting process.

Are you ready to build your Willow Glen home?

Building a house in Willow Glen is an incredibly exciting time. Are you looking for the perfect property for your new home? Contact Sheila Santwani today to learn more about your options and how you can select the property of your dreams.

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