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A Wonderful Neighborhood called Willow Glen

Once known for prolific Willow trees and fertile land, Willow Glen today is one of the most desirable neighborhoods of San Jose with its tree-lined streets and family-friendly walkable downtown.

A small town within a big bustling city, with a unique character and a strong dedication to community, Willow Glen boasts multi-generational families that wouldn’t dream of moving anywhere else.  For a population of 70,000 and a median household income of $92K, this small town has invested tremendously into its downtown, which is now bustling with stores and cafes, and iconic places like Hicklebees Bookstore and La Villa Deli.

Here, neighbors gather for massive summer block parties and close off streets, hand out over 500 packets of candy at halloween and attract visitors from all over during Christmas,  who come to see the legendary display of lights and decorations in their lawns.

All this makes Willow Glen a highly desirable and prime real estate neighborhood!  The median home price today is $1.5M, up from $1.3M in 2017.  As Google gears up to open its state-of-the art complex near Diridon Station, surrounding neighborhoods like Willow Glen become even more desirable.

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